December 23, 2015
Can You Use Web Design to Improve Conversion Rates?

Can You Use Web Design to Improve Conversion Rates?

If there are two things that often go head to head against each other in creating a website, it would probably be design versus functionality. With the correct approach however, any Chicago web design company can mix both and come up with a jaw-dropping website that can produce amazing conversion rates at the same time.

The Role of Web Design

No matter how amazing your local SEO efforts may be, you can’t expect to get the effects promised by an awesome Chicago UX package if you do not have a design that’s appealing to your audience.

Sure, you were able to entice them to click on a link and go straight to your website. But if they end up on a badly designed landing page, do you think they would go ahead and start making a purchase?

They would probably leave the page in a heartbeat. This is why your marketing efforts should not just be geared on PPC or local SEO in Chicago. As your PPC and SEO pulls people in, your web design should convince them to stay.

Increasing Conversion Rates through Web Design

Already have the best plans laid out for your local search engine optimization in Chicago? Great! Now, it’s time to integrate your design into it and come up with a winning formula that would boost your conversion rates to record heights.

  • Minimize your loading time.

Although it is understandable that you want the entire website to be as beautifully-designed as possible, make sure all these design aspects do not make the pages load slowly. Images and other pieces of content may be too heavy and affect loading time.

  • Focus on readability.Make sure every single piece of content on the website you’re designing can easily be read by checking on the font, font size, and colors used. This is one area where you and the content writer can work hand in hand to make sure that the way they write the text would complement the way you lay everything out.
  • Make the most out of whitespace.Whitespace, otherwise known as negative space, is more than just those blank spaces on a page. This negative space can actually be used to make pages more visually appealing. You can use white space to make your audience’s eyes zoom right into the important call to action or information you want to share.
  • Choose the right colors.Different colors make visitors feel different emotions. Make sure your choice of colors would complement the kind of action that you want your audiences to complete. Red, for example,would be a great way to entice them to take part of a movement you’re promoting, while green could emphasize the organic nature of the products you’re selling.
  • Avoid distractions.A clutter-free design is the best way for you to push audiences towards the direction you want them to take. If you overdesign a page, their eyes would easily wander or get confused, and you might lose the chance for them to convert.At the end of the day, it’s all about balance. Web design, SEO, PPC, and other marketing strategies – all these can work towards your favor if you find the right balance between design and function.