December 26, 2015
What Constitutes Great User Interface Design?

What Constitutes Great User Interface Design?

User Interface. That one thing that could make your target audience decide to stay and explore what you have to offer a little bit more, or get up and leave in an instant. Regardless of whether you are trying to boost your strategies for search engine optimization in Chicago or trying to apply best practices for your Chicago UX design, there is no doubt at all that the UI design also plays a huge role in making the different aspects of your digital product a success in the eyes of your audiences. The UI is what makes your product appear more streamlined, making it easier to use and navigate and giving every user an overall better experience.

If you are part of a Chicago web design group or are targeting local SEO, what do you think should you pay attention to if you are trying to align your user interface with your goals?

Here are the main factors that make user interface design great:

  • It is intuitive and consistent.

What you want to happen is for users to be extremely familiar with the ins and outs of your design, which means that everything would have to be intuitive and consistent. It should be easy for users to go back each and every time and be able to do the same actions they did the last time. The moment they feel right at home right away, then you’ll know that you have great user interface.

  • It is highly responsive.

If your user is fast, then your app should also be fast. If your user has a number of different gadgets, then your website should be able to adjust according to their screen size. The way your digital products respond to your users’ needs is a great way to show how much effort you put into having great UI design.

  • It is clear and easy to use.

The moment a number of users start losing their way as they try to use your interface, then you’ll know that you have so much room for improvement. Great UI design would mean that everything is seamless for your audiences, making the entire experience lighter and more memorable for them.

  • It is easy to maintain.

Does your interface need to be updated? No problem! A few clicks and that should be done without affecting what’s already there. This is what it means to have great user interface. The moment you would have to shut everything down or take away a lot of things before changes can take place, then that would show you a huge flaw in your UI design.

  • It is easy on the eye.

The way a site looks may not seem as important as the seamlessness of the processes, especially for those who are focusing too much on the technical side of things. But remember that no matter how easy to use your interface is or how consistent its designs are, if it does not attract the user’s eye, then they wouldn’t even jump in and try it out at all.

Great user interface definitely makes or breaks your digital product’s success. You may apply the best imaginable strategies for SEO in Chicago, but without great UI design, users will just turn their backs the moment they realize that things are going to be harder for them than they initially thought.