December 27, 2015
What Makes UX Different from UI?

What Makes UX Different from UI?

Walk around Chicago and you would definitely hear a few people talking about UX and UI, with other people around them probably nodding in agreement. If you find yourself at a loss when it comes to these two terms, don’t worry about it – you’re probably not alone.

There is always some confusion as to where these two acronyms are applied and how they are used. In fact, some have gone as far as using the two terms interchangeably. This, however, should not be the case. Though the two might be related, there are certain distinctions that make the two very different from each other.

What is UX?

When you hear the term UX design, you are actually talking about User Experience. This means that the ease of use and the pleasure of using a product is enhanced so that every customer becomes satisfied with it, eventually pushing them to commit their loyalty.

Note that when you hear about a Chicago UX design company, they are not just concerned about tech stuff. User experience can be applied to anything from a website or app, to a lamp or a chair.

UX design is always hands on in terms of research and development, especially when it comes to testing and prototyping as you search for high quality results.

What is UI?

UI design, on the other hand, talks about User Interface. Where UX design is applicable for anything under the sun, both digital and non-digital, UI can only be applied to digital products. It applies the strengths and personality of a certain brand and applies it to the product’s interface so that the user improves their overall experience.

User interface covers the graphic or visual presentation of a product, its ability to make things more interactive for consumers, as well as the directives that helps users find out how to use the product.

Differentiating the Two

If you’re concerned about what better affects your Chicago Web Design company, or which of the two would have more impact on your local SEO efforts, then it is even more imperative for you to have a clearer understanding of how different UI is from UX.

Here’s a great way to sum it up – if something looks amazing but proves to be difficult to use, then this is a great example of something with great user interface but poor user experience. Give us anything

that’s extremely user-friendly but is not as pleasing to the senses and you have great UX design and poor UI design.

So take a look at your website, app, or other products that you have been trying to develop. Try to observe how users react to it especially as you apply your strategies for search engine optimization in Chicago. Look at where it falls under, and you’ll see exactly what you should be more concerned about – the UX or the UI?

Once you understand this difference, only then will you be able to truly say that you can finally go full blast on your SEO in Chicago and get amazing results.