March 31, 2016
How to Create Effective SEO Headlines

How to Create Effective SEO Headlines

When you talk about search engine optimization in Chicago, the experts automatically know that it’s more than the keywords you use in your text body. SEO covers so much more than just the keywords, and one of the things that has a huge impact on how effective your local SEO efforts will be is the way you present your headlines.

How do you make sure that your headlines will get the nod of approval from experts in SEO in Chicago? Here are a few ways:

  • Check on your best performing pages.

A quick look at Google Analytics will tell you which pages are performing well. Now zoom in on the headings on those pages. Do you see a pattern that you can replicate? This will help you pinpoint the kind of headlines that instantly attracts the eyes of your specific audience.

  • Monitor search queries.

If you have a search bar on your website, it is best to monitor what queries top the list. These are going to be the perfect keywords to use on your headlines. They will not only attract the right kind of people to your pages, anybody who stumbles onto your homepage will also easily see that this is the place where they’ll find exactly what they’re looking for.

  • Make them pop visually.

Although not exactly an SEO factor, the way your headlines appear will make a huge difference on how huge your headline’s pull would be if people stumble across your content. Any great Chicago web design company knows that when headlines are designed to attract attention, people are more likely to read the rest of the content, therefore improving the chances of conversion as well.

  • Check the web for similar content.

Look for similar content online and check out their titles. Do they all sound the same to you? Sometimes, content creators forget to compare their work against everybody else’s that they fail to realize how common their content, especially their titles, sound. If everybody else is calling their article “5 Ways to Improve SEO” or “5 Tips in Improving SEO”, why not call your piece “5 Innovative Ideas in Improving SEO”? Compared to the previous two, the third one definitely pops out.

  • Make things simple.

Just because you want your titles to pop does not mean that it’s time to bring out the big words. This will only ruin your reader’s experience, as they might think that the rest of your content will be too technical or complicated. What do the best Chicago UX designers do? They make it simple. This is one concept that you can borrow and apply to content creation, specifically to the creation of headlines.

A lot of content writer find it challenging to make wonderful headlines that instantly catch their readers’ eyes, but with the tips above, you can gradually master the secrets to creating amazing titles. Once you see that increase in visitors, you’ll know that all your efforts have paid off and that these pieces of wisdom definitely work.