December 21, 2015
Can Content Delivery Network Impact SEO?

Can Content Delivery Network Impact SEO?

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are responsible for delivering different web content based on where each user is. Through these networks, you can make pages load with as little interruption as possible, making them faster and more seamless.

From this definition alone, you would definitely have a general idea about how CDNs can affect search engine optimization in Chicago. It’s simple and straightforward. If you have a website in Chicago, then your local audience will definitely have a heightened user experience, knowing that your site will definitely load faster than any other website that’s based, say, in Los Angeles.

How CDNs Do It

So how does it all work?

Basically, content delivery networks have small points of presence or POPs all over the world. There are also “edge servers”, CDN servers that are located closest to the actual user accessing the content. So to give a truly amazing Chicago UX, the content would have to be delivered by an edge server right in Chicago.

How It Helps SEO

What benefit would a Chicago web design company get out of the content delivery network? How does it change the face of local SEO?

As you probably know by now, SEO is not just about placing the right amount of keywords in the right places within your content/ SEO also has a lot to do about page performance. After all, the entire idea of SEO practices would be to give audiences not only the right kind of information that they are looking for, but also the right kind of experience as they browse through that information.

Content delivery networks:

  • Make pages load faster especially for mobile sites
  • Compress images to make them easier to send to different users without sacrificing quality
  • Optimize each session by reducing the amount of open connections to the web server
  • Quickly scale everything in case there is a huge amount of traffic that could cause things to slow down.
  • Make websites more stable by minimizing traffic spikes from the starting point.

Can you imagine how this would help boost the performance of SEO in Chicago, or in any other locale anywhere around the world? Where effective SEO campaigns can help lead the right kind of audiences towards the right kind of information fit for their needs, CDNs would help deliver every piece of data that comes along with this information at the exact same time that it is needed by each user.

Are CDNs for You?

Of course, anybody who wants their SEO campaigns to perform better would say that yes, they definitely need CDNs. You should remember however, that these networks would also have to be planned and implemented the right way for them to work. Otherwise, it could actually bring down your entire campaign altogether.

CDNs would be perfect if your pages carry a lot of content, or if your pages and applications are receiving such a heavy stream of traffic from different points all over the city, the state, or the globe. If site load speed also proves to be a problem for you, then you would most definitely need CDN to ease that burden.