December 17, 2015
Adobe Introduces Sketch’s New Rival, Project Comet

Adobe Introduces Sketch’s New Rival, Project Comet

Adobe may be dominating a lot of categories where a lot of their software falls under, but in a lot of important areas, they remain hidden under the shadow of one competitor – Sketch. Ask any member of the Chicago web design community and you’ll hear more people preferring Sketch over Illustrator and HTML/CSS when it comes to wire framing. Chicago UX experts also prefer Sketch over both Photoshop and HTML/CSS when it comes to interface design.

But hey, Adobe has managed to dominate other areas with their other products, so this doesn’t mean that Adobe is just giving the throne to Sketch without a fight.

This is why Adobe delivers Project Comet, their latest software for wire framing and interface design.

Inside Project Comet

With a new useful tool like this, you can just imagine what a huge buzz there has been since the Project Comet was first announced during Adobe Max. It focuses on UX design, so it works well for those who are hoping to maximize the boost that the entire user experience can give to the global and local SEO efforts, and vice versa.

Project Comet starts you off with two main workspaces – Prototype and Design. Under Design, Project Comet lets you use vector design tools as well as new unique ways to create grids of content. Of course, it’s a pretty good bet that Adobe will extend this capability to their other products to, especially to future versions of Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

Of course, it also has a few points over its direct rival Sketch, which could send the old favorite into a delicate state. After all, Project Comet has interoperability with Lightroom and Photoshop, something that could change the way designers work.

Adobe was also unable to restrain itself from taking a swipe at Sketch, although its name was not mentioned. Adobe says that Project Comet is going to give designers the kind of quality and stability that you can expect only from Adobe.

SEO and UX

So how does this affect those who work with SEO?

Although you would see a lot of people who say otherwise, SEO and UX actually work hand in hand. SEO draws the crowds in – it analyzes the way people do their search and makes sure that the right links appear at the very top.

Of course, just because you have managed to stay on top of the search results through some heavy-duty search engine optimization in Chicago does not automatically mean that Chicago locals are immediately going to buy whatever you’re selling.

This is where UX design comes in. It’s the entire user experience that will make the audience decide whether they want to stay on that page that they landed on or not. So just imagine what huge possibilities this would give to every pro in SEO in Chicago the moment they start working with designers who are able to optimize the benefits that Project Comet can bring to their work. It’s going to lead to one onsite conversion after another, something that could cause the digital world to go into a frenzy, all because of a single tool.

Regardless of whether you think Project Comet will make a huge impact on SEO or not however, the fact that it does have a few advantages over Sketch cannot be denied. This could be the exact thing that could topple Sketch’s reign, making way for a new breed of dominance in UX design.