November 5, 2015
How an SEM Manager Should Take Advantage of the Holidays

How an SEM Manager Should Take Advantage of the Holidays

If there is one season for you to start paying more attention to your SEM approach, it has to be the holidays. It is that one season where people are actually eager to spend as they rush around looking for gifts that they could give to their loved ones.

Obviously, this is good news to any business, and if there’s one thing that any Chicago web design company can do, it’s to make the most out of the season in term of search engine marketing.

Boosting your search engine marketing (SEM) efforts is the best way for you to make the most out of the season and get the most number of conversions possible. SEM covers quite a lot of ground, from wide scale and local SEO to pay-per-click advertising.

Regardless of what specific approach or formula you want to take, it pays to make it geared specifically for the holidays. Here are a few tips that could help you strengthen your marketing strategy and start boosting your numbers.

  • Analyze your performance first.

Before planning new keywords and tweaking your ads, content, and tags to apply new strategies that are directed towards the holiday crowd, check the current numbers first. There’s a huge chance that your landing page is already doing better than your other pages, so try concentrating on the pages that are not doing as well first.

  • Add holiday-specific keywords.

If you have an active SEM strategy in place, then you probably have a few keywords in place that are already doing well – there’s no need to change these. Continue using the keywords you already have in place especially for your local search engine optimization in Chicago or for your PPC advertising. Just add a couple of holiday-specific keywords on top of them to add new audiences on top of your existing ones.

  • Think about your mobile audience.

No matter what happens, always give your mobile audience special attention. If possible, have a completely different batch of strategies meant solely for the mobile holiday crowd. Remember that to make your mark in the Chicago UX scene, you have to pay attention to the people who could make a purchase just seconds after seeing your ad or your landing page.

  • Move as early as possible.

When it comes to the holidays, there is no better time to do it than now. A lot of people start their holiday shopping early to avoid the huge crowds, while some could be planning out of town trips and would like to distribute their presents before they leave. Start putting all your holiday plans into action now and be the first one to snag the early crowds.

Whether you’re coming up with PPC plans, or are thinking of brilliant ways to boost your SEO in Chicago, these tips would definitely pull your numbers up as the audiences become more active over the holiday season. It’s all about learning how to balance your SEM practices in place with a holiday-themed approach. Once these plans are laid out and applied, everything else will fall into place.