April 27, 2016
Five Mistakes that Let Down Your Site’s UX

Five Mistakes that Let Down Your Site’s UX

What’s the use of all that planning and hard work if your users will end up suffering in the end? This is one question that every person involved in Chicago UX design should always ask. After all, the demands of Chicago web design are already demanding enough as it is. Just imagine what a waste it would be if the very people you’re hoping to reel in would start running towards the opposite direction just becauseof a few major design fails.

Here are some of the most common UX design mistakes that you should avoid:

  • Navigation Woes

One thing that could lead people away from your website is bad navigation. No matter how amazing your local SEO tactics may be, if your visitors end up getting lost as they try to find the things that they need, then they would just decide to leave and try elsewhere instead of trying their luck clicking on random buttons just to try to make the solutions they need appear right before them.

  • Lengthy Forms

You have launched a fail-proof campaign that proves to be most effective when it comes to search engine optimization in Chicago and promised everyone something really cool if they decide to visit your website – an email, a free item, or possibly, free subscription to something. But if they end up on your homepage and find out that they would have to answer an incredibly lengthy form to qualify, then they’ll probably just pass up the offer. Stick to the basics, like their email address and their whole name. Don’t make it hard for them to get what you promised.

  • Bad Graphic and Content Combinations

When you look at some of the demands that come with SEO in Chicago, you’ll find that no matter how on point your content may be, if the overall design of the pages where it will be placed does not match your content’s mood or message, then you will only leave everybody confused.

Always make sure that the goals of both the designer and the content creator are aligned. Otherwise, you might end up with great design and great content that clashes when put together. And that’s such a waste.

  • Time-Wasting Surprises

Imagine clicking on something that you initially thought would be a way to reach out to the brand’s customer service team and being led to an FAQ page instead. This is one surprise that visitors will not be happy about.

Make sure each button does exactly what it says it does. Otherwise, you’ll have people feeling cheated out of a few seconds of their lives.

  • Poor Psychology

Yes, you read that right. Good UX design requires a good understanding of how people think – in other words, psychology.

Don’t forget that every color you use, every image you place, and every visual trick you apply will have a certain effect on the people viewing it. Always think about what mood you want them to have and what decisions you want them to make.

Remember that in anything you design, your priority should not just be on creating aesthetic beauty or showing off how impressive your graphic design skills are. It should always be about how at ease every single visitor will be once they step on the site.

The moment you effectively learn how to avoid these common UX mistakes, the better your overall design would be, and the more people will enjoy visiting page after page.