December 20, 2015
Graphic Design Trends for 2016

Graphic Design Trends for 2016

Ask any of the top Chicago web design firms and you’ll get the same answer. Yes, staying ahead of the times is essential when it comes to graphic design. Having great foresight will take you places, especially if you consider the speed at which the digital world now moves. This is why as early as now, it is important to look forward to 2016 and see what approaches you should be using. There are only a few days left for 2015 after all, and it pays to be ready.

Here are some graphic design trends that will be huge in 2016:

  • Flat Design

Looking at some of the biggest brands, you will see that through the years, their designs have become less extravagant and more sleek and simple. This has paved the way for flat design to become a huge hit in the past year, and there is no doubt at all that it will continue to soar in 2016.

  • Pastel Colors

Where loud and bright colors have become the norm in the past, graphic design has taken a turn for tamer hues as audiences also become more relaxed in their preferences. After all, people now stare at their screens longer than ever before, and pastels will not wear the eyes out as much as bold, screaming colors will.

  • Large Text

Where graphics and colors have become tamer, the text will become bolder in 2016. Custom fonts will be a huge hit as words become an integral part of every piece of graphic design, just as important as the images used.

  • Full Screen Background Images

Say goodbye to those small, framed images and say hello to images that take up the entire screen. Next year, users will be given the full-on experience of actually being in the picture as websites, apps, and other graphics will use more of full screen backgrounds.

  • Retro Designs

2016 may be a new year, but it will also usher in a thirst for the things of the past. Retro designs will be making a huge comeback, so better get ready to give your projects that old-school groove.

  • Interactive Animation

Pictures that do not move are boring compared to interactive animation that changes the way people will look at UX design. Animated imagery will bring life to any digital project, more life than any plain high resolution photo will be able to give.

Regardless of whether you are more concerned about your Chicago UX design or your strategies for search engine optimization in Chicago, there is no doubt at all that graphic design will play a huge role. Nothing changes user experience better than the appeal of graphic design after all, and all that local SEO will be useless if people would only turn away from your boring designs the moment they land on your pages. With these 2016 trends, you’ll see that huge boost as you strengthen your presence through the use of SEO in Chicago, coupled with effective UX and UI design.