December 16, 2015
An Overview of the Assembly App for iOS

An Overview of the Assembly App for iOS

The Chicago web design community ushers in new designers year after year, showing how huge the interest remains for the industry. Of course, not everybody can afford to go to design school or take the time out to learn even some of the basics.

To this lack of resources, Pixite LLC has a solution.

Introducing the Assembly app, an iOS app that helps anybody who has the eye for creativity and design but has no tools to speak of create their own icons, logos, typography, and a lot more. It’s just $2.99, not bad at all for something that could help you start out and make your dreams of being part of the Chicago UX design industry a possibility.

What the Assembly App is All About

The Assembly app is perfect for beginners, for creative people who have little to no training and experience in graphic design. It’s also a great tool that marketers working on PPC, social media, and SEO in Chicago can take advantage of, especially if they often find themselves stuck and unable to express what images they are thinking about in their mind.

How do you use it?

There are three areas that you can use and explore – Shapes, Styles, and Artboard. Artboard is a blank canvas that you can draw on. You can create anything from scratch, or you can paste a photo that you would like to modify and reuse.

Shapes is exactly that – over 200 shapes that you can put together and manipulate to form an original image. And if all 200 shapes are not enough, you can actually expand your collection and purchase more packs to have access to even more shapes.

The Styles section takes your simple designs to the next level. You can start tweaking colors, shadows, opacity, and a lot more. Especially if you’re just starting to experiment with design, it’s the best way to find what your personal tastes and approaches are.

All files can be saved as .png, .jpg, or .svg files. You can also share your work on your social media pages.

Maximizing Its Benefits

So what can this iOS app do for you?

  • It gives users the chance to discover how creative they really are.
  • It allows those who work with global and local SEO, PPC advertisers, social media managers, and other marketing professionals have a solid tool that could help them create actual visuals for their ideas.
  • It gives designers a go-to app that they can play around with while they’re on the go.
  • It gives beginners and budding designers an entry point where they can practice and experiment.

In reality, the Assembly app actually has so many uses and can help out any creative regardless of what specific niche or industry they specialize in. it works both for design students, and for designing pros. It can be used by random creative people, and even by professionals working on search engine optimization in Chicago. It’s a nifty tool to have on your Apple device, something that could keep you busy and productive for hours.